My experience with Georgia Tech’s MS Analytics program

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In late 2017, I started looking at different online masters programs with a heavy quantitative focus. This included statistics, data science, analytics, economics, and various MBA programs. Unfortunately, many of the top programs, such as Carnegie Mellon’s Business Analytics or Berkeley’s Data Science program, had crazy price tags of $50,000 or more. While a higher salary is not the only reason I wanted a masters, the high tuition put a sizable dent in the potential return on investment. After researching programs for several weeks, I finally found what I was looking for. This analytics program had a price tag under…

Around 2015, I was getting increasingly frustrated with the shitty ESPN mobile app. I did what many millenials would do in this situation and searched for alternative solutions. One of the suggestions I came across was theScore so I gave it a shot. After downloading the app, I never looked back. The user-friendly app was a much smoother experience. Anytime I needed information on scores, schedules, or standings across professional sports, I would visit theScore. As you can imagine, this was quite often.

Fast forward to November 2020, and I saw some random tweets about a Canadian sports betting company…


An anecdote on learning programming followed by tips on debugging

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In the fall of 2012, I walked into my graduate advisor’s office and asked her which computer science class she recommended for me to enroll in. I explained that I was a complete novice in programming. She suggested Introduction to C Programming. After attending a few lectures, I discover that the majority of the students I spoke to in this introductory course had some prior experience in programming. Six weeks and 80 hours of work later, I dropped the course.

Enter spring semester of 2013. I enrolled in an easier computer science course, Introduction to Computer Programming via the Web…

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Utter the word, “Bitcoin”, in any conversation and you can have the entire room at your immediate attention. Not many words or phrases have that kind of power in society. At 12 years of age, this pre-teen is just about to enter its rebellious stage. Subscribing to the Lindy effect, it is more likely than not that Bitcoin will last another 12 years. Can you handle this craze for another 12 or more years? More importantly, could you survive the FOMO if you do not invest at least a little bit of money into crypto?

To be clear, I’m not…

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After writing my first review of the OMSA program, I have been contacted by many prospective and current students. Because this program attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds, providing advice that applies to everyone can be challenging. Below are some of the most common questions I receive and my attempt to answer them.

Is OMSA the right program for me?

If you read the program description on their degree overview page, they use the descriptor, “interdisciplinary”. I think this was the perfect word choice for the program. The range of topics covered in this program come from a wide variety of disciplines. The required courses…

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Here are a dozen of the most common SQL interview questions you will see during an interview for a data professional role. I would highly suggest you attempt to answer the questions and write prospective queries for each question before you compare your answers to mine at the end of the article. To answer these questions, I created a fake dataset and a schema to run queries against. The database schema is outlined just below the questions. That will get you started. Once you finish the questions, you can scroll past the data tables to see the answers.


  1. Determine the…

After talking to that one friend who knows finance or doing a little googling, much of the financial advice seems to point you in one direction — open an IRA. Congrats! You made a significant step forward in your financial journey. Unfortunately, most of this discussion stops short of the next step — Which company offers the best IRA account for your situation? We are in the age of WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS, so of course there are dozens of brokerages offering IRAs. Before you enter this rabbit hole, you may find solace in the fact that choosing any brokerage…

Applying statistical concepts, like variance, to the real world

In every introductory statistics class, you are forced to learn about the basic descriptive statistics — mean, median, mode, and standard deviation. These calculations give you a quick summary of any dataset. The key word here is summary. In any summary, you zoom out to describe the dataset and can easily miss some of the important details. What gets lost in these introductory courses, is how these descriptive statistics apply to your life outside of the spreadsheet. You don’t need to be a data analyst to utilize these concepts. …

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The other day I was chatting with my father about the stock market when he mentioned that he liked General Electric ($GE) because it was cheap. I cringed immediately. Every time I hear someone use “cheap” to describe a stock it takes every ounce of my being not to go into full rant. This is not the first time he has used this word nor is he the only one to use this word so freely (pun intended?).

The use of “cheap” as a descriptor seems innocent enough until you start to think about its actual meaning.

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I first ordered The Hundred-Page Machine Learning book back in May and am only just now finishing it up. In COVID-time, that was about 10 years ago. As you might have inferred, this book is NOT a quick read. What it lacks in easy reading, it makes up for in efficiency. This book swallows up the heavyweight mathematics textbooks and spits out a slim product no thicker than the width of my smartphone. From page one all the way to page 136, Andriy Burkov, the author, does not waste a single word in distilling the most practical concepts in machine…

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