Steven Finkelstein

My experience with Georgia Tech’s MS Analytics program

In late 2017, I started looking at different online masters programs with a heavy quantitative focus. This included statistics, data science, analytics, economics, and various MBA programs. Unfortunately, many of the top programs, such as Carnegie Mellon’s Business Analytics or Berkeley’s Data Science program, had crazy price tags of $50,000…

Did you know that the number of epidemiologists grew exponentially after COVID started? Kidding. If you were a frequent social media user over the past two years, then you likely encountered an overwhelming number of people analyzing and interpreting COVID-related data. While I admire the renewed interest in data science…

Office Hours

An in-depth look at the effort required to land a data science job.


Starting the Journey

When it comes to the job search process, stereotypical words of wisdom like “network more” or “be patient” are helpful to a degree, but the real valuable advice comes from those who live and breathe it. Over the past several months, I have been knee deep (neck deep?) in job…

An attempt to predict the fields that will remain human-centric even as AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous


The inspiration for expanding upon my came from a recent phrase that I heard, “whatever can be automated will be automated”. With such obvious monetary incentives for organizations to automate, the million dollar question is how should a tech professional best prepare themselves for the future. …

The "job title" will either become extinct or change to more CS-focused data scientists who apply algorithms without needing much domain knowledge.

However, it is foolish to think the skills of programming and statistics will be absorbed by SMEs and domain experts.

AutoML does not teach you the right assumptions, interpretations, or limitations of a model. Only a stats/data science expert can do that.

I wrote about my thoughts in the article below:

A comparison between two top data-centric graduate school programs.


In a world of infinite options, choosing the appropriate graduate school to prepare you for a career as a data professional can be paralyzing. While graduate school is not the best option for everyone, it is a path that warrants consideration for many. Within the landscape of technical degrees that…

Steven Finkelstein

Data analytics professional | “The Data Generalist”| Stats, ML/AI, Data, Investing, Finance | Career Advisor | Twitter @datageneralist

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